Best Tax Relief Companies of 2023

Over our two decades in business, Polston Tax has earned numerous awards and received recognition for the quality of our work as well as our commitment to client service. We’ve won the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce Metro 50 Award, and we were a Beacon Award Honoree in 2018. Since 2001, we’ve been one of the top ten tax    resolution companies in the country. The mere thought of the IRS makes most people extremely fearful and it can be rather intimidating if you are ever put in a situation that you find yourself having a tax issue with the IRS. It is also far better to have someone there that will look after your best interests when negotiating a deal on your behalf.

Innocent spouse relief can relieve one spouse from tax liabilities when the other spouse improperly reported items, like capital gains, on a joint tax return. The innocent spouse relief program only covers tax debts from your spouse’s income (from self-employment or employment). To qualify for innocent spouse relief, you must file within two years of when the IRS attempted to collect the taxes from you. Working with a tax relief company usually starts with a free consultation. You’ll chat with a representative, give them details on your tax issues, and the company will do a quick analysis of your situation to determine which tax relief service can help you. Dealing with tax debt can be stressful—both financially and emotionally.

A clear path to resolve your IRS issues

This is why many individuals and businesses turn to tax relief companies for help. Tax relief companies advertise help for taxpayers in distress — in exchange for an upfront fee, which can be thousands of dollars. They say they’ll apply for IRS hardship programs to lower or even eliminate your federal tax debts.

If the IRS has issued you a noticed that they intend to levy and seize your assets for the purpose of paying your taxes, you have 30 days or less to stop it and pay the total tax debt. The IRS can sometimes utilize their power to collect up to 70% of your gross income. If you owe back taxes and are currently employed, the IRS will use this method to get their debt. Living off of a fraction of your paycheck can be frustrating humiliating, stressful, and debilitating to say the least.

We’ll take care of your taxes so you can get back to your business.

This is exactly what ALG Tax Solutions does with its online resource library. Enterprise Consultants Group offers a free consultation, which is standard among tax relief companies. However, the group includes a free IRS transcript analysis for individuals and businesses.

Tax Relief Services And Consultations

First, most tax relief companies have a minimum debt requirement — usually $10,000 or more. Second, if your debt is under that amount, you might do better paying the IRS in installments instead of increasing your debt load by paying for tax relief services. Anthem Tax Services offers both IRS tax debt relief and corporate tax preparation services.

Tax Preparation Services

This is something most competitors charge for, so it’s a great value with no commitment. Next, the company will generally present you with a list of IRS programs and/or State tax programs you can pursue after a licensed tax professional reviews your transcripts and understand your financial situation. Tax relief companies employ licensed professionals who work with the IRS to investigate your tax situation and find a resolution.

  • Our tax professionals can negotiate a reasonable and agreeable payment plan, based on your circumstances, that will allow you to pay off your tax debt slowly.
  • Back taxes are taxes owed due to unfiled tax forms or mistakes made during filing.
  • We hope that businesses, consumers and citizens will use these tools wherever possible, to help us to respond faster and more accurately to their needs.
  • In fact, the professional who reviews your case may even recommend steps to resolve the situation on your own.
  • Form 433-A necessitates a comprehensive financial disclosure, making it quite lengthy.
  • In some scenarios, your tax debt firm may help you qualify for a program that does remove some or all of your liabilities, like with innocent spouse relief.
  • This gives us the upper hand in determining how to best resolve your tax situation.

Our team of over 100+ accounting, and legal professionals are highly experienced in developing tailored solutions for each client’s unique tax problems. Many small business owners and self-employed individuals are struggling with tax problems and need an experienced team to help resolve their tax issues. Polston Tax is one of the few top-rated tax resolution companies that is fully equipped to help solve your tax problems. When it comes to fixing serious tax related issues it is highly recommended that you consult with a company that specializes in tax resolution services.

Grow your tax knowledge and confidence

If, for example, your debt is $10,000 (many companies’ required minimum debt) you can expect to pay a minimum of $1,000 to $1,500. Read on to find out more about the best tax relief companies, as determined by their availability, cost and consumer reviews. While working with a tax relief company may not be the right option for every individual, our list is a great starting point if you’re looking for solid, reliable options. While tax relief companies can simplify the process, thanks to the Fresh Start Program, you can find a solution for your IRS debt without the need for a third party.

As a consequence of life situations, many taxpayers are often burdened with a tax obligation that actually belongs to a spouse or a former spouse. Not to worry – if this is the case, the professionals at Alleviate Tax can have the entire obligation, including penalties and interest removed completely. In our most recent evaluation of tax relief companies, our team compared 16 companies to determine what they were the best for and how they stood out in the industry. The biggest benefit we found looking into Larson Tax Relief is the consultation it offers.


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